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Microsoft MVPFatih Boy

    Fatih Boy is a Computer Engineer, ex Microsoft MVP living in Ankara,Turkey; worked on desktop applications, web technologies, smart clients with various programming languages including Asp.Net, Php, C#, Java and with various database managements systems like Mysql, MsSql and Oracle.

    He is currently employed on a private company as Software Project Manager and working on HL7 (v2.x, as well as v3), PACS (espacially on DMWL), WCF services. He also responsible for company’s Team Foundation Server and deployment life-cycle management.

    He was a member of nation-wide software projects including National Health Information System of Turkey (Sağlık-Net) and Central Hospital Appointment System (MHRS).

    He is also author/co-author a couple of articles including “Understandable Logical Design Specifications for HL7 CDA Interoperability” (MedInfo World Congree, 2007  London, England) and “Simplifying HL7 v3 Message Implementation and Adaptation Using CDA” (9th International HL7 Interoperability Conference, IHIC 2008, Greece)

    He likes to work on open source projects and share his knowledge. Please find his vCard below:


ITIL Foundation …


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