As my Twitter followers already know, I’ve order a “small” computer. Well, I’m a movie lover, and would like to watch my favorite movies at home (That’s the most comfortable place on the earth 🙂 ) Speed and a good user interface is the key point for such a system. That’s why I’ve choose to have a “small” computer.

   Actually I already had a small computer, a MK802 III series; but the main problem with that was playing 1080p movies. So I start looking for more powerfull system, where I’ve meet with Odroid series.

  Odroid series produced by HardKernel, whose primary target is developers/development platforms and Odroid-X2 is the most powerfull small computer developed by the company. Having 2gb ram with Exynos4412 Prime 1.7GHz ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Core CPU really makes it a small computer.


   It’s greate to have a small computer whose primary target is the developers but it does have some drawbacks; such as lack of a well designed case. That’s why I’ve start looking for a suitable case for the Odroid-X2.

   After surfing through the internet for a case, it was a great moment for me when I saw the following;

It's gonna be a perfect case for my Odroid-X2...

   Well, actually, it isn’t a case.. At least for now. Please keep reading…;)

   What you see in the picture is simply part of a pencil box set. And I’m pretty sure that the designer never though such a use case for it 😉

  it’s obvious with the picture above that this case is really suitable for my Odroid-X2. Of course it needs some small modifications…

   First of all, case should have I/O ports cleared;

   I have to admit that making room for I/O ports was the most enjoyable part 🙂 It was my first attempt, and was unsuccessful.. But don’t worry I already had a backup 😉

   After making room for I/O ports it was really impressive that my Odroid-X2 fits perfectly. But the point is, it would be better to have a top cover which is currently missing 🙁 That was the moment where my verry first unsuccessful attempt saves my live! Please keep reading and take a closer look…

  Did you see? Well, keep looking closer…

   Yes! I took the lover cover from the first attempt, and placed to the case as a top cover.. Of cource it needs some professional touch;

   Well, finally I made the case for my Odroid-X2! But the point is, Odroid-X2 really powerfull, so that it can have higher CPU frequencies with overclock. And of cource overclock comes with heat, where a cooler fan is needed. That’s why I still have some further steps to complete my case, it needs a fan!

   My primary concern with the fan is the power. It should work well with 5v, where the only power options I had. Since it’s gonna be used on living room it should have a slient fan as well. 5v for power… Ouch! That makes my list shorter. Had a limited option thought.

  So I choose a laptop cooler. Actually not sure whether “choose” is the right word; but any way… It is a usb powered fan with an on/off switch. A usb hub is a plus also. So here is how I’m gonna use them;

   I’m so closed to finallize my case. I made the required holes using my tools, and hot silicon gun to fix them.

   Result is perfect! Take a final look my hand made Odroid-X2 case;

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