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IE9 Pinned Site

by Fatih Boy

IE9 Pinned Site is a WordPress adding that adds support for Internet explorer 9 pinned site features to WordPress blog.

Pinned Site is a feature provided to web developers by Internet Explorer 9 which allows developers to integrate their web sites to Windows 7 desktop. A pinned site, that is dragged from Internet Explorer 9 to Windows 7 taskbar, can interact with the user using taskbar jump list, thumbnail toolbar and overlay icons.

This plugIn allows a WordPress site to have all pinned site features, that is;

  • Pinned site name, tooltip and startup url entries
  • Jump list entries for new post entry, comment moderation and file upload
  • Jump list entries for every page defined in WordPress site
  • Custom jump list entries of post, categories or tags

Translated Languages Available

Here’s a list of currently translated languages. If you’d like to contribute, please have a look at the POT file in the languages folder and send me your translations.

  • Turkish


You can download latest version from project WordPress home.


  • Download and unzip the plugin, then upload the entire ie9-pinned-site directory to the /wp-content/plugins directory; or simply upload the zip file if you use WordPress 2.7 or newer
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Go to Settings > IE9 Pinned Site
  • Enter the values in the text boxes.
  • Save your changes

Change Log

    Initial version
  • Fix: Administrative jump list entries won’t shown.. Now logged in user can see administrative entries instead of page listing
  • Site Mode check added
  • No pinned site javascript output when client is not IE9
  • Addin completely rewritten
  • Improved customization options and settings page
  • Fix: Missing images added
  • Fix: Call to undefined method ie9PinnedSiteCustomUrl::render4JumpList() when custom url added to jump list


Chris Koenig 2 Kasım 2010 - 18:23

Great plugin! The only issue I have with it is that custom URLs don’t seem to work. I get the following error when I try to add one to my JumpList:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ie9PinnedSiteCustomUrl::render4JumpList() in C:\ClientSites\chriskoenig.net\httpdocs\wp-content\plugins\ie9-pinned-site\IE9-Pinned-site.php on line 190

Fatih Boy 3 Kasım 2010 - 22:01

Hi Chris,
Thank you for your feedback. Please find new release 1.1.2 on WordPress plugin site which addresses your issue.

Barnaby Jeans 20 Ocak 2011 - 18:48

I’ve enabled the plugin on my site – http://barnabyjeans.ca however, I don’t see it adding the right tags for the default jumplist. is there anywhere for asking questions or troubleshooting this plugin?

Fatih Boy 20 Ocak 2011 - 22:11

Hello Barnaby,
Would you please give some more details about your issue with the plugin? I’ve visit your web site with IE9 and saw right tags at source. Note that, plugin checks for the browser version; so it will not publish any tag for the browsers other then IE9. Did you add some entries using settings -> IE9 Pinned Site page?

Also note that, custom task entries will check user credentials,so they can be seen only if you have logged in with the right user credentials.

By the way; in order to have a working jump list, “Enable Jump List” should be checked and a proper “Jump List Title” should be given.

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Tech Alphabet 17 Şubat 2011 - 12:42

hi . i used ur plug in . but before i modify it .i just press saved setting and enable it. therefore i checked it first on my computer .it was working with the default settings u set for tasks. then i come back and modified it as i liked by adding categories and modified the task. after update .i dont see any change anymore after i pin the website.
could you please check the issue ? even it wont disable on my computer.

my website http://www.techalphabet.com

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